Ellen Wins U23 Nationals


The Aspire Racing team had a great time racing in a practically hometown venue for National Championships in Hartford, under an hour from their homes in Easthampton. Ellen retained her U23 Women’s National Championship title, while teammate Jeremy Powers’ race was marred with an early crash that landed him in 24th place.

“Nationals this year was so great!” Ellen enthused. “The venue, the crowds and the course were all amazing, and really a point of pride for a New England cyclocross racer like myself. To come away with my third consecutive U23 national title was really a dream come true.”

A flawless race from start to finish had Ellen establishing a gap by the end of the first lap, and growing it as the race wore on.

“It’s a testament to the hard work of all my ‘people’ and I am so thankful for the support of the team during this season,” she added. “The race showed me I’m on good form for the rest of the season, including the World Championships, and I’m feeling motivated to race more than ever!”

“It was so awesome to have family  and friends there for the race in Hartford,” her teammate Jeremy said. “It’s nestled in the middle of the two places I’ve called home my whole life, and so the day was very special.”

Jeremy Powers had a rough day at Nationals.

Jeremy Powers had a rough day at Nationals.

“A big thank you to everyone who came out and supported our team this weekend!” Jeremy concluded. Stay tuned to see how the last round of European racing for the season goes.

Read more about the race here:

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