Ellen Scores 19th in Zolder, Maintains U23 World Cup Series Overall


The Christmas week of racing in Europe has come to an end for Aspire Racing’s Ellen Noble, after two weekends of World Cups, first in Namur and yesterday, in Zolder (host to last January’s World Championship race). Ellen had a great start at Zolder—with a front row starting position—and a strong first three laps of racing in the lead groups as race favorites including Ellen Van Loy, Sanne Cant, Sophie De Boer, Katerina Nash and a recently-returned Marianne Vos battled for position.

“The Zolder World Cup yesterday was a very exciting, but also one of the most disappointing of my season!” Ellen says. “I had a really great start, and found myself in the top three for most of the first lap. In the second and third lap, I was racing in the chase group in the top 10 and feeling extremely strong.”

Ellen’s strong start and comfortable position remained until halfway through the race. “Unfortunately, at the end of the third lap, I suffered a mechanical that lost me some serious time,” she says. But she managed to work her way back up to a 19th place finish.

“I am so happy with the race overall, as I put out extremely consistent lap times and felt very strong. The experience garnered over this past week of racing is so valuable for nationals and the end of the season. This trip put me in a great headspace for the final weeks of racing, and I’m so thankful for the support that made it such an outstanding trip.”


On January 8th, Ellen will be racing for another National title, so make sure to follow along!

Read more on the race here:

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